About S1 Goalkeeping

S1 all started in December 2016. A date that now seems so far away with what we have achieved in such a short time.

Two goalkeepers sharing the name Scott took a gamble to create some gloves, truly optimistic on where it would take us.

Looking back on the start now we would never have expected to achieved what we have done.

Through a lot of hard work and support we have managed to become a reputable brand providing top quality but affordable gloves for goalkeepers at all levels.

The first ever order of 25 pairs arrived and they were distributed out to a number of keepers including two professionals one in the UK and one in Hungary.

We were lucky that year that our Goalkeeper in Hungary actually won the Premier League out there which achieved fantastic exposure for us, this actually stemmed into the S1 Hungary franchise.

From the first ever batch of gloves arriving we have never looked back, from Sunday league all the way up too the Championship S1 has found itself distributed across many leagues and now even worldwide with us now franchising Australia, America alongside Hungary!

A stand out moment for me is when Johnny Placide’s Haiti side come up against Argentina who had the likes of Messi, Di Maria and Higuain playing.

To see your creation come up against some of the best in the world was a real proud moment.

We have a great team of S1 Goalkeepers who we value as a massive part of this brand.

We will continue to work hard to provide you with the best service and best gloves possible.

The relentless work that we put in will never end and we are always just an an email away.

We value every goalkeeper that wears S1 and see everyone as one big family!

Long may that continue!