Frequently Asked Questions

We aim to provide you, our goalkeepers, with the best service possible. If the below FAQs do not answer your queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How do I return my product?

Please go to our ‘Delivery & Returns’ section for more information on this.

What is the sizing like?

We are working on a specific size guide for you to see. The models excluding the Original’s are pretty true to size. We recommend going a size up on our originals.

Why has the latex on my gloves deteriorated?

Latex on goalkeeping gloves is a soft and natural product which is made to provide great grip that all you goalkeepers adore.

Gloves will be liable to wear at any time or phase of buying the gloves. Wear on the gloves cannot be avoided.

There are many factors which can contribute towards wear on the latex.

All gloves no matter the price will wear and sometimes you can just be unlucky with it.

There are many variables that can be a factor to latex wear including: Age, technique, playing surface, how the gloves were prepared.

There are surfaces that are prone to wear more than others, for example astro turf and hard ground in the summer.

It can’t be helped, all we can say is ensure you care for your gloves in the appropriate manner before and after use to give them the best chance possible.

Also, different cut’s of gloves wear faster than others.

Please don’t think that as they have worn differently to your other model then they are faulty.

The models such as the negative are prone to more wear due to the fit and stitching it provides.

What delivery options are available?

We offer a wide range of different delivery options.

All our parcels are sent first class to the UK but we give an average of 3-5 days delivery time to be safe.

You may get it before.

We deliver worldwide, if you have ay questions on deliveries or shipping costs just email us.

When will I receive my refund?

Once we have received the return and checked it’s all in perfect condition we will then process the refund.

Please note the money doesn’t instantly return to you there is a waiting process on this.

How do I wash my goalkeeper gloves?

Always give the gloves a pre wash before use and let them dry naturally.

Ensure that you wash you gloves after every single use as quick as you can.

Moisture your gloves with lukewarm water.

The temperature of the water is key neither to cold or too warm.


  • Use aggressive cleaning brushes as this will wear the latex.
  • Do not put your gloves in the washing machine.
  • Do not tumble dry your gloves.
  • Do not expose your glove to sunshine or any other source of heat like radiators this can reduce the life of the product.