We have put together a glove cut guide to help you choose what cut bests suits you. We offer a variety of cuts and feels so this guide will clear things up for you to get the perfect glove!

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Roll Finger

The Roll finger cut is one of the most original cuts around. We at S1 provide two different types of roll fingers, a circular (S1 Bolt) and a square (S1 Blizzard). Roll fingers are not as snug or as tight as other cuts and offer a more thick feel about them.

Negative Cut

The Negative cut have more recently become very popular due to its snug fit and the contact you can feel on the ball when using this cut. The stitching on a negative glove is inside the fingers giving you ultimate control of the ball, due to this you will experience the latex to wear slightly quicker than any other Cut.

At S1 we provide 3 different types of negative cut, you will see these on:

Originals V2


Amethyst V2

Hybrid Cut

The hybrid cut is two cuts put together, in our instance this would be for the S1 Tornado model. The inner 2 fingers are a negative cut, with the outer 2 being roll finger. This gives you great comfort but also a solid feel around the whole hand.