Here is a guide to the latex we offer. We currently offer 3 types of latex and here they are below:

 Dry GripWet GripDurability 
Contact Latex5/54/54/5Contact latex offers the best grip in dry conditions but is also very good in wet conditions. The durability on contact latex is also good. As soon as you pull the paper off the glove you will feel instant stick.
Giga Latex4/54/54/5Giga grip latex provides good grip in every condition, a good solid latex that is used by many professionals. The durability on giga latex is also good. These will take a few wears or washes for the latex too really come alive.
Quartz Latex4/54/55/5Again the Quartz latex is another all round good latex. The stick is there to feel from the start but after a few washes and wears it starts to come alive even more. The Quartz offer a very good durability too.