Original Black Negatives V2


Original Black Negatives V2

Inspired by S1 Originals, These are a step up from the previous Originals we had. We welcome the V2’S. 

We have gave the V2 a much cleaner and smarter look. With an embossed logo on the Backhand, the wrist and index finger, the glove really stands out. It includes in improved velcro and strap quality, with a tighter fitting and a new design. 

It Includes a Full latex strap with 4mm Giga Grip latex which can perform in ALL weather conditions. Full latex in between finger and thumb to give the glove a fitting look.   

Negative Cut - Black Latex

These gloves are a snug fit, they give you a real good feel of the ball. If you prefer some room in your gloves we recommend you go a SIZE UP. The Negative cut is a lot more fitted than the others we provide. 


Original Black Negatives V2


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