Originals 3.0 FS

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The Next Evolution: S1 Originals 3.0 FS, the ultimate upgrade to your favorite gloves, has arrived!

Adapt on the Fly: Experience the game-changing feature of removable finger spines, giving you the power to customize your protection. Choose your level of support and adapt to the game's demands.

Catch-Ready Advantage: Pre-curved Bio-Align Technology naturally positions your hand in a catch-ready stance. Your saves are quicker, and your game is more precise.

 Stay Fresh, Stay Focused: Ventilated mesh gussets ensure a continuous cool airflow, keeping your hands comfortable and dry in the heat of the action.

Comfort Beyond Compare: Extra backhand cushioning pampers your hands with unmatched comfort. Every play feels like a breeze.

Master Every Condition: With AWC Latex (All Weather Control latex), you dominate in all weather conditions. Your grip remains unrivaled whether it's sunny or pouring rain.

 Perfect Fit, Every Time: S1 Originals 3.0 FS is available in sizes 5-11, ensuring the perfect fit for every hand. This is performance customized to perfection.

Experience the future of sports gloves with S1 Originals 3.0 FS – where adaptability, comfort, and performance come together to take your game to new heights. Are you ready to revolutionize your play on the field?