S1 Midas


S1 Midas

The S1 Midas provide a rich looking GOLD and WHITE Colour way. 

The Midas comes with a fresh design, an embossed logo on the back and on the strap really top this glove off. 

It includes a side elastic strap with 3D MESH. A zip on the back of the glove for the REMOVABLE SPINES. 4mm Giga Grip latex which can perform in ALL weather conditions. 

Circular Roll Cut - White Latex 

Removable Spines - Fingersave 

If you intend to wear the spines then we recommend you go a size up on your normal size. If you are in need of anymore spines or an extra set of spines don’t hesitate to contact us! 

Any questions just message us! 


S1 Midas


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