The Original Black

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 Unleash the Upgraded Originals: We've taken your favorites and made them even better with S1 Originals Black

Catch-Ready Innovation: Experience the game-changing Pre-curved Bio-Align Technology that naturally positions your hand in a catch-ready stance. Your reflexes are on point, and every save is instinctive.

Keep Cool Under Pressure: With ventilated mesh gussets, your hands stay refreshed with a constant cool airflow. No more sweaty palms, just peak performance.

Comfort Redefined: Extra backhand cushioning pampers your hands, ensuring you play with ultimate comfort. Each catch feels like a feather's touch.

All-Weather Dominance: Rain or shine, you're covered with our AWC Latex - the All Weather Control latex. Achieve unmatched grip and control in all playing conditions.


Perfect Fit, Always: The Original Black is available in sizes 5-11, guaranteeing the perfect fit for every hand. No compromises, just pure performance tailored to you.

Experience the revolution with S1 Original black– the gloves that put you in control, in style, and in the game. Are you ready to redefine your performance on the field